Amazing Tattoo and Swimsuit Model


Amazing Tattoo Model From Phoenix Arizona

Heather Moss was born in 1987 in The United States Of America. She is now working as an International Published Amazing Tattoo Model. Also she has a range of covers in her amazing portofolio. I will say little bit more about Heather, but let’s see some of her photos first.

Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo

While I was doing this article about Heather, I search and check the entire Instagram profile of her. Yes, please don’t forget to check out her Instagram at Heather MossTrust me, you’ll be amazed by the beauty and body of this Amazing Tattoo Model.


Stunning Beauty and Amazing Tattoo Collection

Let’s say few words about Heather Moss. She is more than pretty face, she is stunning and very successful Inked Model. This stunning beauty is not only an Amazing Tattoo model, but also a hard working business woman, mommy and wife.

Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo

Together with her beloved husband, photographer and tattoo master Bobby Moss  own and operate their own state of the art tattoo shop in Glendale, AZ, Timeless Art Tattoo. This Inked Diva never thought she will became what she is right now. Chasing the tattoo world was not one of her dreams.

On Top of Tattoo World

Heather Moss has without a doubt made a name for herself. Lets mentioned everything she already achieved together with her husband. One of the highest sought after models for clothing brands, tattoo ink lines, tattoo aftercare companies, designers and photographers. Social media endorsements and let’s not forget her outstanding fan base that absolutely adores her.

Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo Amazing Tattoo

As she started modeling back in 2011, Heather has continued to be featured and grace the covers worldwide in some of the most notable publications. Lets mentioned only few of the most famous Ink Magazines around the world. Tattoo Magazin (Hungary) 2012, Sink & Ink Tattoo Pin Up (USA) 2013, Rebel Ink Magazine (USA) 2014, World’s Best Tattoo Models Book (International) 2015, DGA Clothing AD – Lowrider Magazine (USA) 2016 and many many more…

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