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Unknown but Famous

Australian Inked Model. We really don’t know her real name, or I didn’t try enough to find it. Tattooed Katia is more than enough and the whole ink lovers know her that way. No need to waste time searching the ink archives, all is matter here on Tattoo Masterpiece is the photos and the real story behind. Before I introduce you the most sexiest Australian Inked Model I will post a couple of pictures with her latest photoshoots, so enjoy :

Australian Inked Model Australian Inked Model

So, I’ve already mentioned, Australian inked model, from Sydney. She started career November 2013. Country girl who grow up on Australian beaches, a girl with a lot of positive energy and so much different from the others. Different not only because of her Ink but different because of her understanding of the life.


The winner of Miss Inked 2015

Starting as a model in 2013, soon after two years, she was the most beautiful and most inked woman for 2015. Like she said in one of her interviews, faster than expected. Winning this huge competition among so many beautiful sexy tattooed girls was the whole world for Katia. Comming out after long abusive relationship, where she was constantly emotionally and physically abused, this was the most beautiful thing happened to her. Her life is quite interesting. From badly bullied in high school to the biggest support from her parents for all her teenage and youth crazy ideas. Let’s check a couple of more photos :

Australian Inked Model Australian Inked Model

Not being the typical school kid Katia felt very bad for a long time in her life. When she decided to stop the sorrow and enter the big world with her beautiful face and her inked body. After one year modeling, she signs up the biggest Ink competition and proves she can be the best.

Meanings of her Tattoos

Most of the ink on her body is representing the Japanese culture. If you compare hundreds and thousands of Japanese stories I believe you will find your self in one of them. Same happens to Katia getting inspired from the old traditional stories in Japan. Her favorite ink peace is her leg sleeve, and the only place without ink is her hands. Simply because of the loyalty and respect.

Australian Inked Model Australian Inked Model

And the meaning of her leg sleeve tattoo is hiding an interesting story. Japanese ying and yang which is a dragon and a tiger. The tiger is standing on top of a waterfall which has a tattooed geisha bathing. Tattooed geisha represents old-school traditionalism with new school beauty which is something she prides on. Having old school morals and mentality but adapting to the society today. On the inside of her leg is Jorugumo which is an old Japanese tale where a spider uses to hide in caves and when men approached it would transform into a beautiful woman, lure them in and kill them.

Her next tattoo is her next leg sleeve, but we have to wait till it’s done to find out the great Japanese tale behind the next Tattoo Masterpiece ….

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