Fetish Inked Model and Burlesque Performer


Cervena Fox – Fetish Inked Model

Well known for her trademark fiery red hair and friendly yet professional personality. She loves to travel for shoots and has frequently visited various states of America. LA, New York, Baltimore, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona and Nevada. Her stage show is a recent endeavour which she is still improving with each performance. When she’s not busy modelling or playing with fire, Cervena Fox can be found in the studio behind a tattoo machine.

Fetish Inked Model Fetish Inked Model Fetish Inked Model

Cervena Fox began her modelling career back in 2008. She has graced the covers of all your favourite tattoo magazines. Also well known as a performer and co-founder of Pyrohex, a pyrotechnic performance group that tours the globe. However, did you know that she also spends much of her time as a tattoo apprentice? Looks like our Fetish Inked Model is keeping her self quite busy. As an future tattoo artist, so far she is showing great results.


The SENSATIONAL International Alt/Fetish Inked Model

Cervena Fox is a freelance model originally from Milton Keynes. But she re-located to London in 2010 to further her career opportunities. She is specialize in latex, alternative and implied nude modelling but also always happy to try different genres. Well known for her trademark red hair and extensive tattoos. So if you are redhead tattoo model lover, then you are on the right place. Let’s not forget her amazing sexy body covered with beautiful colourful tattoos.

Fetish Inked Model Fetish Inked Model Fetish Inked Model

2008 is the year when Cervena started with modeling, the very same year when she finish her School.  Originally she just wanted to increase her confidence. Surprisingly she discovered a passion and ability she didn’t know she had. Since then she have worked hard and increased both her confidence and experience. Our Redhead Fetish Inked Model consider herself an accomplished and experienced model. Pyrohex is the name of the fire group she started back in 2013. Closest friends of Cervena joined her on this new wild adventure. They travelled around the UK and Europe performing at clubs/festivals/car shows, any event where they can show their skills off to the max.

Cervena’s Tattoo Collection

Something that she feel says a lot about her are actually her tattoos. It was always hard and take ages to decide on one. Very first tattoos were the swallows on her hips, following that she then had her leg corseting done. It was little ironic at the time as she had no piercings but loved corsets. The pirate sleeve embodies the more mischievous side of her personality, the female character depicted she actually drew when she was 16. Her fox sleeve was drawn and planned in college when researching japanese mythology and has only recently been produced in tattoo form.

Fetish Inked Model Fetish Inked Model Fetish Inked Model

Her work has been getting better and better known recently and every success pushes her forward. She have featured on a few front covers of magazines and in music videos and she is very driven to produce more. You can always check her website Cervena Fox, her Instagram Cervena Fox and you can always see how she did it. From a beginner model to a professional Fetish Inked model.

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