From Loving Tattoos to Living by Them


Loving Tattoos in a Different Way

By accident, she almost endup modelling. You don’t believe me ? Of course, I’m joking, as a matter of fact she laments that fact. Alex Beau has embraced fully, Loving Tattoos became her passion, her life, her one and only thing. Originally she just start Loving Tattoos. But keeping her self fit and stay in shape, is what make her awesome and beautiful Irish woman.

Loving Tattoos Loving Tattoos Loving Tattoos

Both things, Loving Tattoos and stay fit makes her successful tattoo model. Before she started, she was posting photos on Instagram and Facebook. People who saw those photos thought Alex can do modeling, and she did it. Just like that she jumped to the Tattoo modeling world and she is more than ready to take the world by storm.


Being True to Herself and her Love for Tattoos

Wildcat Ink is the studio where at age of eighteen she got her first tattoo. A small tribal sun on the back of her neck. For Alex Loving Tattoos is the real love for the tattoo art, something that people are able to capture what they wanted or held dear. For Alex it was her wee catharsis and she tended to get them with big changes in her life. Simply to symbolise a changing point. So, all started exactly a year ago when she actually started tattoo modeling. Photographer saw her photos on Facebook, contact her and it happen. Many more comes in a while, so she is heading forward to the top faster than she was expected.

Loving Tattoos Loving Tattoos Loving Tattoos

Besides Loving Tattoos, she never had a desire to became a tattoo model. She spend lot of time and effort in tattoos and stay fit, so if people loves her that way, she will follow. What makes her happy and inspire her even more is the entire support of her friends, people who follow her social medias and mostly photographers. When a great photographer wants to work with you or someone says you are inspire them in some way, that is pretty awesome for Alex.

New on the Scene But With Great Tattoo Talent

She doesn’t have any favorite male or female tattoo models. Her humble personality thinks that there is so many talented, beautiful and handsome models, so much is happening in the world of tattoo modeling. Everyone is the best, everyone is doing great. Believe in yourself, learn what your best assets are, practice posing, prepare yourself for shoots, be professional, know your worth and know it is ok to say no, stick to what you feel comfortable with and be careful, do your research into photographers bringing someone with you or at least saying you will and after that give them all of you have when camera is on you. You should listen all these advices if you are about to become a Tattoo Model.

Loving Tattoos Loving Tattoos Loving Tattoos

Indeed to Alex Beau, modelling is all about being true to herself and her love for tattoos. She is as humble as she is stunning, just as hard working too. With lots of plans and projects in the works. We are sure to see more and more of this amazing and stunning Irish beauty in the future.


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