From Party Girl to Renowned Tattoo Model


Beauty, Artistry and Tattoos

All while still maintaining time for herself and her (night) job, we have no idea how she can manage it all. Kelly Comatose is her name. She seems to be an incredibly hard working Renowned Tattoo Model, running from shoot to shoot.

Renowned Tattoo Model Renowned Tattoo Model Renowned Tattoo Model

Not just that, but she shoots with all the best and biggest in the game, such as inked up magazine. Her life is at a whole other level, but we bet you would realize that quickly once you read her life story …


What we Know About Kelly Comatose

Strange thing is she doesn’t want to tell where is she from and how old she is. But we don’t mind at all, age is relevant when we already have that stunning inked body of Kelly. The nickname Comatose came from the old black out days when she was hanging around with the skate guys, drinking all night and pass out at the end. Those days are over, our Renowned Tattoo Model is a hard working woman fighting every day to achieve her dreams.

Renowned Tattoo Model Renowned Tattoo Model Renowned Tattoo Model

It’s not that easy being freelance graphic designer and dancing for the world’s most famous Sapphire.  On top of it Renowned Tattoo Model, successful inked diva besides all the challenges. Personality that never give up, always fighting for more and more.

Decision to be Renowned Tattoo Model

After she finish her backpiece she decide she can try being an inked model. She put a lot of time and effort into her tattoos and wanted to showcase them. Soon after a few shoots she was hooked and began to really take modeling seriously.

Renowned Tattoo Model Renowned Tattoo Model Renowned Tattoo Model

Working during the day allows her to do shooting during the night. Like every tattooed person Kelly has her favorite tattoo, which is her backpiece.  It took her 2 years to finish and she had to travel to Austin, TX for every session. Kelly Comatose, we are looking forward to this girl taking over the world as she does her international shoots this year. But it is incredible, such a beautiful girl  with one hell of a tattoo collection. Truly loving art, not just on her skin, but also working as  graphic designer, when not at her job as a professional dancer. The only word that seems to be able to describe Kelly is Impressive! We can’t wait to see what she gets up to in the future.

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