Full Bodied Inked Blond – Alyssa Barbara


Time To Find Out Exactly : Who is Alyssa Barbara

Full Bodied Inked Blond. Alyssa is a Canadian prairie girl cut from good hearty (beautiful) rural Edmonton, Alberta stock! She started modeling at the tender age of 14 and never looked back. Ask any guy which of Alyssa’s physical attributes are her best and they would be hard pressed to name just one. Ask Alyssa and she’ll say it’s her eyes.

Okay, we will agree she has gorgeous eyes, but we have to mention her beautiful face and that absolutely bangin’ body. Alyssa says that body comes about via half good genetics and the other half by hitting the gym twice a week.

Full Bodied Inked Blond Full Bodied Inked Blond


Vancouver Models: Alyssa Barbara

She started modelling at 14 but really started pursuing it the last year. It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you just set a goal. Alyssa had the opportunity of working with some great photographers both local and international.

You can check out more of her on social media: IG @alyssabarbara, Facebook Alyssa Barbara, Tumblr Alyssabarbara@tumblr.com. Alyssa has also launched an online store atalyssabarbara.bigcartel.com.  Among other ink, Alyssa sports an awesome ¾ sleeve on her left arm that also includes a hardcore underarm tat. She’s one tough cookie.

Okay, enough with the details and let’s get down to the pics. We put together 20 incredibly delicious mages of one of the sweetest models to come out of chilly Canada!

Full Bodied Inked Blond Full Bodied Inked Blond

Interview With Alyssa Barbara :

Bob : Tell us, what inspired a mother, a sister, and a sensitive little artist to enter into the modeling world?

Alyssa : My inspiration to do whatever it is that I do came from many different vessels.  I would have to say that it originally came from my father introducing me to many artists at a young age.  From Frank Zappa, David LaChapelle, William S. Burroughs, Salvador Dali…what these people have in common you might ask?

They were all individuals that took a chance and decided to not pursue the 9 to 5 life, dared to not only do what they love but undeniably ooze creativity.  I have always been a very visual person.  When I listen to music, like many I’m sure, I picture a movie in my head.  I’ve always been intrigued with the visual arts, especially the power that females exude in doing so.  To admit, I was actually scared to call myself a model only up until a couple years ago.  I just considered myself as some little turd playing with my friends and creating a story through pictures.

Full Bodied Inked Blond Full Bodied Inked Blond

Great Personality , Amazing Body , Interesting Tattoos :

Bob : That’s hilarious, phenomenal, and actually really inspiring. We’re definitely glad you decided to pursue it – because let us tell you, when it comes to modeling, you’ve definitely nailed it. How long have you been doing it?

Alyssa :  I started modelling at 14.

Bob : OK Alyssa, tell us, who is your favorite model?

Alyssa : That’s a hard one, I have many, but Gemma Ward has been one of my favorites for many years.  Perhaps Emily Ratajkowski?

Bob : Fair enough, both are absolutely stunning and super talented. How about mentors, do you have any who helped you?

Alyssa : Indirectly yes, all the supermodels of the 90s. I learned from looking at what other people were doing.  But as far as someone in real life, no.

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