Inked Web Star And Most Popular European Suicide Girl


An Absolute Stunner, Real Inked Web Star With Over a Million Followers on Instagram

Yes, that’s true. With over a million followers on Instagram, she is the most popular Suicide Girl in Italy and Europe. But the real goal for Felisja Fishball is to become a professional tattooist. Fishball nickname came out from a close friend of her. She looks like a puffer fish in that time, so she thought that Fishball sounds a little bit odd and she starts using it. Passion for tattoos starts since she was 4 years old girl.

Inked Web Star Inked Web Star Inked Web Star

One day her mom came back home and show her new tattoo, a tribal on her back. Ever since her mother starts making new tattoos and Felisja’s desire for ink starts growing more and more. Over the years she became the real Inked Web Star with more than 1 million followers and Instagram and more than 400k on Facebook. All these numbers makes her International pop star, and she doesn’t even care about that. She really don’t like the social media platforms, it’s just a job that make a living. After she finish the shift, she is living the real normal life.


Something Private from the Life of our Inked Web Star

Living in a small community in Italy where people know each others a lot was not so pleasant for Felisja to start what she was up to. On the beginning these people had a problem with her visibility in the world of Tattoos. Especially the local girls. She had to move in another region only after one week because these girls were pretty mean and nasty to her. In just a short time of period she gain more than 50k followers on Facebook without even posing nude. Imagine what would happen if she had nude photos available for this crowd in her home town. But turn’s out Felisja find out the whole situation satisfying, because all those people today claim and post comments how they know her.

Inked Web Star Inked Web Star Inked Web Star

It’s an interesting fact that our Inked Web Star actually never wanted to be a Tattoo Model. As a matter of fact, her goal is to become a professional tattoo artist. Not for now of course. To achieve that she will need lot more to learn, not only how to do the tattoos, but also have enough money to dedicated completely in the Tattoo Artist business. In order to do that she needs to save lot of money to go through her apprenticeship with her back covered.

Tattoo Description

The most interesting tattoo subject on her body is the one in the middle of her chests. In one of her interviews I’ve searched on line she explain the meaning of that beautiful small but deadly creature, a Glaucus Atlanticus or well known as Poisonous Mollusc. Another tattoo passion is the geometric or dotwork tattoos. These ones came in Milan while she was working as an assistant in the Marco Galdo’s shop named Trafficanti d’Arte. This is the place where she will work as an apprentice after finishing her Inked Web Star fame.

Inked Web Star Inked Web Star Inked Web Star

Actually, Marco in not the only favorite Inked Master. Felisja also appreciate Little Linda in Koneko Studio in Dallas who does her really elegant floral blackwork. But still, covering her body full with tattoos will happen with Marco. The only thing is, she still deciding if she’ll do her face or not. All her success and glory will never happen if she never had the full support of her boyfriend, the famous rapper MadMan.

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