International Inked Cover Model – Becky Holt


Full-time Inked Model & Manager of Loco Tattoo Lunge

Who is actually Becky Holt? Inked Cover Model Born in UK, September 15, Manchester. There is nothing much to say about the personal life of this inked diva. Her life is based on modeling and modeling only. But when the word business and money is mentioned, Becky is ready to open her self and do the best for her. Basically, she’s based in Macclesfield but travel all over and tour cities for shoots.

Inked Cover Model Inked Cover Model

A lot has changed since she started modeling. Some of you will notice she hasn’t been on here for a while but in January left in Miami and wanted to see if there was any work out there for her. Semi-retired so the only shoots she’ll be taking on are fully paid or branded.


Work hard, play smart and live your life in freedom

So, like we said, Becky is an international published tattoo model. Always happy to shoot from at home and also have a super cool location she can shoot from. Tattoo shop & barbers which are very stylish and photograph very nicely. Becky provides her own lingerie, clothing & accessories and can do her hair make up to a good standard. Covered in tattoos, its ll work in progress and she constantly adding and changing bits. She has a full arm & leg sleeves, throat & stomach piece along with many others.

Inked Cover Model Inked Cover Model

Please be aware that hourly costs for fetish work will differ. Her rate is £50 per hour or day booking (£75 per hour for brands) £300/£500 day rate plus travel. We are talking about an internationally published cover model who, from our reviews, you will be able to agree that she’s highly professional with good quality outfits and a high standard look. The makeup, hair or wigs are of great quality. Bringing a lot of creativity and ideas to ensure you get the best images possible. Not to forget the fan base over 250k to promote the work to. Please be aware that cancelations require you to pay her 50% of the agreed fee. This is her job and if you cancel it means she could if done another shoot with someone willing to pay.

Achievements And Publications

Here we go with her real achievements and publications… Skin Deep cover, Tattoo Life cover, Bizarre cover, Elite cover, Tattoo Spirit cover, Tattoo Energy cover. Then comes the Weekend sports Double Page Spread, 6 page Spread Ink Mag, Total Tattoo Magazine, 7 page Spead C head Magazine Canada and 6 page spread Teen Spirit Magazine. One of the most interesting is Bizarre Magazine Feature, then 6-page Feature for Bella Morte Magazine and Picture Magazine Australia. 4 page spread in People mag Australia, Sexy Nurse strip 2011 Zoo Magazine and Sunday Sports Feature. Iceland extra, Classified Fancy dress model and 4 page feature for HeDD Magazine.

Inked Cover Model Inked Cover Model

A lot more like Australian Magazine features, Face of Spiral Direct Clothing and Wella Campaign For Face of /house of Frasers new Partners Salon. Brother Music Video, Daystar Music Video Main Dancer, Murkage Music Video and Face of Murkage Event September 2011. Totally Tease, Simply Stockings ( I like this one ), Blue Bird and Daily Sport. Austrailian mag publications, Double Page Spread for Invazian Magazine and True Tiger Slang Like This Music Video. And lot more and lot more …

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