Latino Tattoo Model From Sweden


Half Latino Tattoo Model Half Scandinavian

Who is this Latino Tattoo Model and who did she get into the tattpp modeling. She is 24 year old half latino from Sweden. Always been Interested in fashion shows and tv-shows like Americans Next Top Model. About 3 years ago a photographer named Miguel Colint asked her if she wanted to stand in front of the camera. Michelle said Yes and since then, she was hooked.

Latino Tattoo Model Latino Tattoo Model Latino Tattoo Model

Happy to be a part of the tattoo industry, this Latino Tattoo Model revealing all her Tattoo Masters so far. Started when she was 17 years old with Sanjin. Then Manne and Barry at Elite Artwork, Jay Jay Dallas at Bluebird Tattoo, Marcus at Ekersgatan 13 and last but not at least, Håkan Hävermark.


Future Goals and Tattoo Plans

A lot of future ideas but she is not 100% sure which idea she will start with first. It will be a surprise for all of us I guess. But the goal is to fill her whole body with tattoos. This young Latino Tattoo Model is full time model with ChaosModel Agency and so far there is no attentions to change that.

Latino Tattoo Model Latino Tattoo Model Latino Tattoo Model

Michelle is humble and happy of what she achieved so far. She’s been at Tattoo Mess and International Tattoo Expo in Örebro, Sweden. Her first fashion show at Motala Tattoo Exhibition with ChaosModels Agency and she did her second show at Svenska Tatueringsmässan in Norrköping April 28-30th last year. Next and the last one was 50 Shades Of Ink and still waiting for the next one with huge passion.

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