Leading Tattoo Culture With Stephanie Marazzo


Stephanie Marazzo – Tattooed Night Owl

Central New Jersey, she was born and raised by her family. For the love of art, her first tattoo was made when she was eighteen years old. Following the Tattoo Culture with passion and love, her ink collection grows really fast. These days she is shining with colored and whimsical ink on her sexy body. Today she lives and work in Tampa Bay, Florida where she follows the Tattoo Culture with huge appetite.

Tattoo Culture Tattoo Culture Tattoo Culture

She really love to show her inked parts, and day by day, month by month there is new tattooed parts of her body. I really wonder when and what she will put on her amazing booty. Can’t wait to see that. However, Stephanie continues to work regularly with local photographers and brands and furthering her reach internationally with multiple foreign features and spreads.


Number One Model In The Tattoo Culture

Stephanie Marazzo is a working alternative cover model with eight years experience and a contract with Twisted Model Agency and International Division. Isn’t that a dream of each and every inked model… She is for sure Tattoo Model with huge experience. 

Tattoo Culture Tattoo Culture Tattoo Culture

I also have to mentioned, Stephanie is published internationally in some of the leading Tattoo Culture and fashion forward magazines. The list of the magazines : Inked Girls Magazine, Urban Ink Magazine, Elegant Magazine, and Frame Magazine.

Up Close and Personal With Stephanie Marazzo

Ok, let’s put some more personal stuff from the life of Stephanie Marazzo. Slavic and Italian mix, now I know where the beauty comes from. Ambitions and goals is to travel as much as possible, which I really love it. Exploring other Tattoo Culture world sounds fun and amazing. No matter where she’s going, no matter which part of the world she felt hungry, her favorite meal is always greasy cheeseburger.

Tattoo Culture Tattoo Culture Tattoo Culture

She doesn’t really care what most people see. Her family and friends see and respect her humor, sarcasm, love of animals, bottomless stomach, laid back style, and ability to quote any tv show or movie she’s ever watched. Word for word and if strangers only see her “beauty” she’s absolutely OK with that. Not everyone can know her on a personal level and she has no intentions of trying to convince others that she is more than what they see at first glance.

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