Master Of Pokemon and Cosplayer – Annasthesia Awful


Master of Pokémon, Breaker of High Scores

Annasthesia Awful is probably the biggest Master Of Pokemon fan and will ever be. Cosplaying characters such as Misty and Magikarp, this beauty is comfortable in her own skin as she shows off her amazing tattoos. Get to know Annasthesia better in this fun article as we we find out some quirky facts!

Master Of Pokemon Master Of Pokemon

She play Misty, a 12 year old girl in Pokemon, and a Magikarp. And also have cosplayed Quinn from Daria, another young teenage girl, there’s Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Lilith, from Borderlands, is defintely sexy to her and her favorite caracter. Oddly, though, that her CL4P-TP cosplay (based on an anthropomorphized artistic design by artist NoFlutter) is probably her raciest cosplay.


Who is Annasthesia Awful

One of the few born Floridians who never leave the country. She’s not much into snow and cold weather. Florida is her home, and that’s the place where she can show her sexy inked body. Of course, she is satisfied traveling a lot, visiting other places and cultures. Anna is probably the opposite of what a lot of people assume about models, especially nude models.

Master Of Pokemon Master Of Pokemon

Incredibly shy, introverted, insecure little homebody who spends all of their spare time hiding from the sun, watching Nip/Tuck & Game of Thrones reruns, and playing video games! Also, she love and have raised cats her entire life. That part is very important.

Modeling and Tattoos

Simply, she’s using the opportunity being in front of the camera, no matter what she’s doing. In one of her interviews she said that she feels even more comfortable when her clothes are off. That aside, she love doing cosplay modeling. It gives her the chance to really have fun with that she is shooting, and to turn into someone else in front of the camera!

Master Of Pokemon Master Of Pokemon

This hot looking orangehead inked model can be found on CosplayDeviants dot com and SuicideGirls dot com, currently. She’s doing traveling and do promotion work with GotVape dot com and promote various glass blowers, clothing companies, and other ventures. Currently the only immediate projects she’s working on are new cosplays for convention season with CosplayDeviants dot com, and hoping to re-open her Etsy store to save enough money to (hopefully) travel to the west coast to shoot all new material with all new photographers. Wish her luck!

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