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About Pin Up Style in Denmark

All female bodies, are beautiful female bodies. This is the motto of the Denmark dynamic duo who starts and owns Pin Up Denmark modelling agency. An urban place and community for all the Pin Up Style girls. This is a very close group of girls. At the moment houses 23 different girls, of all shapes and sizes. Great opportunity that make them able to fit into just about all genres within the Pin Up Style.

Pin Up Style

Pin Up Denmark community and subculture is owned by the two pinup models Mija Lou and Kecia Lie. Together they serve as the dynamic duo. It strives towards making the pinup community and style, more visible in Denmark. Tattoo Masterpiece is more than happy to present you some of this gorgeous creatures, share their informations and post some great Pin Up Style photos. We will go with few of them, those who attend the 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen convention. Let’s start with one of the owners, Kecia Lee.


Kecia Lie And Pin Up Style of Living

Ultimate feminine look, through lingerie, hair styling, the clothes and the make-up. These are the reasons that attracted Kecia to start living her Pin Up Style of life. Feeling at her most attractive and feminine, when she all“pinned-up”. Kecia Lie have worked as a fashion model ever since 2008. After some photo shoots in the Pinup Style in her spare time. she only officially put “pin-up” on her resume, in 2013.

Pin Up Style Pin Up Style Pin Up Style

Most of her body is covered with Ink. Our Pin Up Style lady thinks that as a community they can still have more and more tattoos. Old fashion or new fashion style tattoos on their bodies will always make them look even better. She’s still working on her latest tattoo, which is on her cheasts, but she doesn’t relieve the secret till the tattoo is no completed in total.

Sarah Katrine and Pin Up Style of Living

I can proudly said that Sarah is one of those Pin Up Style girls. Always with full confidence about her style Sarah Katrine is among the most popular Pin Up ladies in Denmark. All the clothes and her hair reflect who she is as a person. And there the pinup styles playful, sexy and for the body complimenting and classic style, just suits her so well. With only few words I can confirm that Sarah is in love with the music, and most important, she’s in love with the Pin Up community. There is the real Pin Up spirit inside her. Take a look of Sara’s photos please…

Pin Up Style Pin Up Style Pin Up Style

Sarah is really happy having all those tattoos on her body. Even happier she is living the Pin Up Style of life, which means and it’s very important for her because she’s stick up from the other girls. Her looks have a sort of edge thanks to her tattoos. Especially she’s happy with her few Pin Up tattoos, and mostly proud with her Sailor Jerry tattoo. Next ink challenge is her back, but she’s still trying to gather courage to make this happen. Amazing backpiece, a big bird and lot’s of red roses are coming soon …

Pin Up Style with Miss Lynggaard Jensen

It all happen back in 2010 when she did her hair in a Pin Up Style. Ever since she start loving the Pin Up Style till 2016 when she finally decided to attend the Nordic Noice event in Copenhagen. On this event she meet two Pin Up girls who convince her to attend the Pinup Denmark competition. Then she did that and she got all the way to the finals. Sadly she didn’t win, but afterwards she send an application to Pinup Denmark and was inducted into the “family” in october 2016.

Pin Up Style Pin Up Style Pin Up Style

She also took a great advantage with her regular job as she is very lucky working for a company that sells Pin Up clothes. Connection between tattoos and the Pin Up Style of living is simply natural. It just happen without any plans. She doesn’t have any attentions stopping with new coming tattoos. Just a while ago she finish her leg done, and she’s still working on her right arm sleeve. Once the sleeve is done means her tattoo dream is achieved.

These girls are awesome and try their best to spread a positive message about women, and how they can both be feminine and sexy, as well as powerful and strong. They just simply follow the Pin Up Style and they enjoy in that…

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