Tattoo Apprentice and Inked Model-Amina Selling


Tattoo Apprentice From Sweden

Amina is 19 years old inked model and Tattoo Apprentice from Stockholm, Sweden. She just get out of the high school where she studied art and design. Currently she is doing Tattoo modeling and working as an Tattoo Apprentice at Circle Tattoo in Sundbyberg, Stockholm. Everyone needs to start from somewhere. It’s not that easy doing all dirty jobs in the studio, but Amina is happy and she is doing pretty good.

Tattoo Apprentice  Tattoo Apprentice  Tattoo Apprentice

Everything started when she was 10 years old. A Home Tattooer came in their house to do some ink on her daddy’s arm. Ever since she’s in love with tattoo art fascinating that you could create beautiful art directly on the human body. She also find out and started using her design skills of creating new unique tattoo designs. Most of the benefits she is giving to her art teacher from the high school. She will never achieved this without him.


Goals and Dreams for the Future

When she was a little kid, she always had this small “fake” tattoos on her body, the ones you put on with water. She always choose the tribal and dragon designs. Her dad has always been getting tattooed so It has always been around her. At the age of 14 years old her dad take her to a tattooer and it was then she got her first tattoo. It was a skull on her shoulder and she felt as cool as Pippi Longstocking.

Tattoo Apprentice  Tattoo Apprentice  Tattoo Apprentice

So, after many years of dreaming and hoping, finally she started to do some modeling. At the beginning everything started just for fun. So she will continue to have photoshoot until she don´t think its funny anymore. Amina’s main focus is to be a great tattooer and to be an apprentice at Circle Tattoo is amazing. She really love going up every morning and she looking forward to be in the shop with all her Co-workers.

Being Tattoo Apprentice – Pleasure or Shop Bitch

Many of you will ask, what exactly is Tattoo Apprentice. By the Urban Dictionary means, the bitch of the tattoo shop. The person who answers phones, constantly does bitch work, cleans up after everyone including their selv and gets paid $0. A tattoo apprentice can be male or female, either way you’re still a bitch, and expected to be at the shop open to close every single day of operation.

Tattoo Apprentice  Tattoo Apprentice  Tattoo Apprentice

Tattoo apprenticeships can be short, or they can be long. They can last a year, or 10 years, or however long your mentor feels like you need, to become a suitable tattoo artist. Through and around all of the bitch work you will learn the fine art of tattooing. When your apprenticeship is complete, you will have earned the title of being a real tattoo artist. Amina Selling doesn’t feel at all she is the bitch among all her friends and co workers in the shop. A quite opposite, their all love and respect her, and Amina is on the right pat to became one of the greatest Tattoo Masters of all times.

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