Tattoo Babe and Gamer Extraordinary – Stinella


Tattoo Babe With Extraordinary Gaming Skills

By most of the people on line she’s well known as Stinella. At her 32 years of age, perhaps mainly known for her modelling career. But she’s not describe her self as a Tattoo Babe most of the time. Perhaps many would say, it’s a shame, but Stinella would first and foremost describe herself as a gamer and lover of video games. Even the name Stinella is not coming from the tattoo modeling. Her first email ever has this name and also she’s using Stinella as a gaming tag. So, let’s clear this out, gaming comes first, then is modeling.

Tattoo Babe Tattoo Babe Tattoo Babe

Back in the days she started gaming on her dad’s pc for the first time playing Doom. She was not like any ordinary girl and she loved that way. And this is how she get into the gaming world. With help of her older brother when everyone played Counter Strike, she choose something brutal for a girl, she choose Quake. Never  take her losses badly nor did she let herself get beat up by other stuff, she just loved gaming, especially with friends. Maybe this is the reason she was respected better than any other girl in her ages from most of the boys around, and she loved.


Looks Are Important but They are not Everything

These days Stinella is both, a Tattoo Babe model and an online gamer. Both requiring her to show her looks off. But, for her looks are not all important. Of course she cares about what she looks like. But for her, it is important, that she wears something she is into and likes to wear, especially when gaming on Twitch. Being girl next door is much easier for Stinella. Constantly posing and keeping a perfect pretty facade is boring. What’s behind the perfect face and the tattoos is what people these days appreciate it.

Tattoo Babe Tattoo Babe Tattoo Babe

Embracing her goofy nature she really hopes people find endearing about her. Here comes the full support from her partner in crime, most famous inked model  Anne Lindfjeld. This is mostly visible when they are working, sorry, gaming together. This is the moment when two of them bring out the best and quirkiest in one another.

Inside Life of Tattoo Babe Stinella

Now, when Tattoo Babe Stinella is almost on top of the Inked World, her tag is not used only for gaming. It is the tag that connects everything in her life, both private and professional. Lot of things has been changed after she start working at PixelTV. Idea of creating the Twitch TV changed everything which build a whole new live streaming platform for gaming. This is how she got the most of the Instagram followers as the viewers numbers increased enormously.

Tattoo Babe Tattoo Babe Tattoo Babe

Her tattoo collection is quite interesting. Let’s start with her left arm, where you can see lot of gaming tattoos. You can see the old Xbox controller and also her very interesting tattoo, the Company of Nintendo. That’s her childhood memories, totally opposite of all her tattoos. Like her right arm, where you can see some Buddhism and huge snake filling up the sleeve. Interesting off all is her chest tattoo, a quote about love “Love goes on forever” written across her chest. Very first tattoo she ever made is her hip one, dedicated to her mother. Once again in the name of family, she got her last name tattooed, in a colourful graffiti writing style, all the way down half of her back.

We hope you enjoyed our article, about the beautiful and lovely Tattoo Babe Stinella.

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