Tattooed Alt Model – Brittany Hetzer


Hard Worker at Dallas Tattoos & Artists and Charming Tattooed Alt Model

First of all I must start with 2018 Tattoo Life Calendar. Brittany is among the twelf super beautiful and sexy inked models representing the Tattoo Calendar for 2018. She was a Calendar girl for month of August and also July and August cover girl for Tattoo Life Magazine. I will post some attractive photos of Brittany and try to say few words about her.

Tattooed Alt Model Tattooed Alt Model Tattooed Alt Model

After all, our Tattooed Alt Model is super proud to be apart of this wonderful calendar! A real honour for herself to be included with such beautiful tattooed women. Most attractive photo and pose she did on the shooting is the one laying on a mirrored floor with her pink high heels. I will post that one with next set of pictures. Good thing for her was that she can choose her own clothes for the shooting. And the greatest honor, she was shooting with one of the most famous photographers Christian Saint.


After the Shooting in New York

August is month of lot’s of holidays, especially those when you need to spend with your family. For Britany this will be the time when she will stay home in Dallas, get some rest and get prepared for the Family vacation in September. Also she will get prepared for the next assignments, maybe she will do some more tattoos and I guess we all need to stay tuned and wait for more new stuff with our Tattooed Alt Model Brittany Hetzer.

Tattooed Alt Model Tattooed Alt Model Tattooed Alt Model

For person with ambitions like Brittany, he is ready to finish everything this year. She is having huge plans for 2019. We will wait to see what will happen. Till then, please follow her Instagram Brittany Hetzer and enjoy her photos.

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