Tattoos And Lingerie Obsession – Maria Broman


Tattoos And Lingerie, High Heels and Pretty Dresses

Incredible thin body, lot’s of tattoos and certainly always in sexy lingerie and high heels. This could be the main description of Maria Broman, tattoo model from Norway. Maybe Maria is not that famous, but she is one step closer of what we call fame and glamour. And she is doing pretty good and with huge confidence.

Tattoos And Lingerie Tattoos And Lingerie Tattoos And Lingerie

Tattoos and Lingerie is the main obsession of Maria, but also there is a huge love for trance and deep house music. Then we must mention the clothes, she love nice dresses, high heels, flowers and she is a gym person which explain her gorgeous sexy body. For me the most sexiest of Maria is every time when I see her in stockings and high heels showing her tattoos. And I must admit, her booty looks awesome as hell. With few words, Maria is the whole package.


Childhood Desires for Tattoos and Lingeries

Since she was 14 years old she was dreaming to have tattoos. But she never did any till she get 32 years old. She needed more time to decide and choose what she really want on her body. The whole idea is her entire life story in a tattoo form. Each and every tattoo has a meaning and hide totally different story, they are all part of the things she’s been go through. And do not forget that every tattoo is her own idea and design that she knows, and she will love and cherish them forever.

Tattoos And Lingerie Tattoos And Lingerie Tattoos And Lingerie

Our fit and sexy tattoo model from Norway is a girl that loves to work out. She can get really grouchy if she miss one day in the gym. Another thing can make her cranky is missing the lingerie shopping. Real Tattoo and Lingerie addicted person, lace and high heels lover, it’s been something that has been with Maria for a long time since her childhood. Walking around in high heels make her feel confident and proud, like chance to express her beauty and gracefulness.

Tattoos and Lingerie – Fancy Lifestyle

She use to borrowed her mom’s high heels and her lingerie when she was a kid. She will stand in front of the mirror and she will admire her self. Obsession for Tattoos and Lingerie grown stronger for each and every year she get older. Confidence with her self came couple of years ago when she finally realised her passion for Tattoos and Lingerie. We must mentioned her backpiece has huge part of this decision.

Tattoos And Lingerie Tattoos And Lingerie Tattoos And Lingerie

Been shopping like a maniac for stockings, lingerie, and high heels this couple of years. Especially she feel like a little girl on Christmas when she got something in her mail. Maria is heading forward with huge plans for the future of modeling. Also there is few more tattoo designs or life stories coming soon on her sexy body. Do not forget to follow her Instagram profile : Maria Broman, check all her photos, like and comment, cuz she really deserve it.


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