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From the Bottom to the Top

Venus Rising. It was hard for me finding the correct subject to write for. I did so many searches, choosing between lots of Inked Models. Not all of them has history behind. However, I decided to take an advantage of popularity this time. Being popular in a niche as tattoo modeling is not quite simple as you think. I remember the days when being tattooed means you’re criminal, prisoner, or with two words, being a very bad person. These days being tattooed means fashion, means fancy, means art and almost every second person is having at least one tattoo on his body.

Venus Rising Venus Rising

But back in the late 80’s where lot’s of tattooed Punk people walked on the streets of Berlin, Elizabeth, Ria aka Riae was truly inspired by all that ink around her self. Even she was only youth girl she felted attracted for the ink. Her first tattoo came up when she was only 14 years old. Simply, her body was a blank canvas ready to be fulfilled with all that colorful ink. Riae, the tattoo icon, an alternative model, Suicide Girl, half Irish and half Italian and she is 33 years old. I have to mention at this moment, Riae is my favorite inked model.


Introducing the Top Inked Model and Suicide Girl, Riae

She becomes a model for Suicide Girls back in 2007 when she actually starts the carrier and done this as a full-time job. The entire inspiration came from the city of Berlin, as from her favorite inked models like Sabina Kelly, Amelia Nightmare, Mosh and Ophelia Overdose. Over the years she posed for so many magazines. Also taking part on TV Shows and of course working with so many famous photographers. In the last few years, Riae is working as a fashion designer for certain brands. The latest enjoyment in her job is her own Youtube videos on her channel where beside her job she often talks about her private life.

Venus Rising Venus Rising

Back in the school days, Ria was not that favorite among her classmates. She was the ugly duckling as a kid. But over the years she learned how to hide and correct what she doesn’t like on her body. Thanks to the photographers and the poses, thanks for the makeups and the lightning, and of course thanks to the guy who invented the Photoshop. If she was a pretty girl, hadn’t been bullied and laughed at as an outsider, if she had a great social life, maybe she wouldn’t have worked on herself, wouldn’t have had the experience she had, she would never become one of the sexiest, beautiful and famous inked models. Or maybe she is the best one, and there is no such thing as “one of the”.

She Doesn’t feel like a Tattoo Model

Being famous is quite great and amazing success. Ria doesn’t feel that way. Still feeling embarrassment when she must say she’s a Model. Nope, this is her job, this is what she does for a living. Being famous is not her goal for sure. Especially if you walk through the pat that Ria did, losing her best friends because what she was doing or being fired at the time when she need’s money badly, because of the nude photos with Suicide Girls. All these challenges in her life make her successful and being what she is today.

Venus Rising Venus Rising

Our Suicide Girl will continuously do what she always does, be posing and posting on her social media profiles. Her Facebook fan page is over 2,5 million followers and her Instagram with more than 1 million. Only with posting, no tricks, no strategies, just posting her own photos. I call that success. She knows the audience loves her, besides all the newcomers in the modeling industry, but hey, we are talking about Riae here. She will always be the Ink Goddess, the Ink Icon, and the most sexiest Tattoo Model I’ve ever seen.

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